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PLEASE NOTE == If you're the creator of one of the exploits posted on here, and would like it taken down, please contact one of the people on the contacts list
We won't discriminate between skidded and non-skidded exploits here, we're not stupid.
If you have an exploit posted here that has the same name as another exploit posted here, we'll give it a number.
Please don't DoS us, because if you do, well, why? We don't have any money l0l

If your exploit has a 'false' positive, we'll ask people to be careful around using it.
If your exploit has a rat, still post it here, it'll just have a RAT tag on it.

You can buy WtB (Welcome to Bloxburg) on our group, Diseases... by buying a shirt and posting that you bought a shirt on the group wall.
Or you can do things the SLOW way and make the money yourself.